I-Private Ambulance Investigation: "Men Of Mercy? Profit in Pain" - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

Byline: William Jones; 1970-06-07; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1-2

Report: Private Ambulance Firms Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"They are the misery merchants and they prowl the streets of our city 24 hours a day as profiteers of human suffering.  Waiting in filthy garages thruout [sic] the city, they prey on families faced with an urgent need for transportation and medical care for a loved one.  They are the hustlers among the city's private ambulance operators and they are waiting for your call for help.  Their business is big business in Chicago.  The multimillion-dollar industry accounts for nearly 1 million dollars of Cook county's welfare fees each year. . ."

Description:The first in a series of articles on Chicago's private ambulance companies, based on the reporter's experience working as an Ambulance driver.

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Chicago Tribune article titled,  "Men Of Mercy? Profit in Pain." Written by William Jones as part of the Private Ambulance Investigation.