II-Private Ambulance Investigation: "Sadism Rides an Ambulance" - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

Byline: William Jones; 1970-06-08; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1-2

Report: Private Ambulance Firms Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The ambulance siren gave a final growl as we arrived in front of the blighted south side buliding.  I leaped from the vehicle, my heart pounding. It was my first day on the job as an ambulance attendant and my first emergency call.  I had good reason to be nervous.  Reporting for work less than an hour before, I was immediately assigned to an ambulance.  Now, with no training in the handling of a stretcher or the use of oxygen, I was to be confronted with a reported heart attack victim who could be fighting for her life.  The city code requires only first aid training to be liscened as an attendant. . ."

Description:A Tribune reporter's second report based on two months of undercover work as a Chicago ambulance driver.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Sadism Rides an Ambulance." Written by William Jones as part of the Private Ambulance Investigation.