Follow-up: Private Ambulance Investigation: "Report Urges Control Over Ambulances" - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

Study Rates Services for Emergencies

Byline: William Jones; 1970-06-14; The Chicago Tribune; pages 27

Report: Private Ambulance Firms Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"An 18-month study of emergency care in the Chicago area will recommend increased training and control over private ambulance crews and at least 100 per cent increase in the number of fire department rescue units. Organize and directed by the Chicago Hospital Council under a $100,000 grant, the study is expected to be published later this year. . ."

Description:A study with similar findings to the Tribune's undercover series on Chicago's private ambulance firms recommends increased oversight over the crews and increased rescue units run by the fire department.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Report Urges Control Over Ambulances." Written by William Jones as part of the follow-up to the Private Ambulance Investigation.