Reaction: Private Ambulance Investigation: "City Controls on Ambulance Services Proposed" - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

Byline: William Jones; 1970-06-24; The Chicago Tribune; pages A4

Report: Private Ambulance Firms Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The city's top health official yesterday urged a city council committee seeking private ambulance reforms to make the Chicago fire department the clearing house for all ambulance calls.  Dr. Murray C. Brown, city health commissioner, proposed a special city-wide ambulance telephone number with fire department personnel answering phones.  A caller would be told a fire department ambulance would respond to an emergency call, if he wished, or he could call a private ambulance service.  Telephone numbers for private ambulance service would be made available to ta caller. . ." 

Description:Chicago's health commissioner and the Tribune's reporter for an undercover series on the city's private ambulance firms testify before city council.

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Chicago Tribune article titled,  "City Controls on Ambulance Services Proposed." Written by William Jones as part of the reaction to the Private Ambulance Investigation.