Reaction: Private Ambulance Investigation: "Hearings End In Ambulance Abuse Cases" - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

Licenses of 3 Firms Are in Jeopardy

Byline: William Jones; 1970-09-22; The Chicago Tribune; pages A8

Report: Private Ambulance Firms Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The city completed license revocations hearings in the private ambulance scandal yesterday amidst conflicting testimony by officers and employees of Mid America Ambulance Co. and a statement by one of the officers that one of the firm's locations was a "filthy pig pen."  Peter Fitzpatrick, deputy city license commissioner, said he expects to make recommendations to Mayor Daley this week regarding possible action against the companies.  The three ambulance firms were ordered to answer a total of 22 charges Aug. 5, based on information uncovered by THE TRIBUNE and the Better Government Association. . ."

Description:Jones continues his coverage of the city's private ambulance firms by reporting on the hearings called as a result of the Tribune's undercover series.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Hearings End In Ambulance Abuse Cases." Written by William Jones as part of the reaction to the Private Ambulance Investigation.