IV-"Officials Differ on Depth of Prison Drug Problem" - Athelia Knight - Washington Post

Byline: Athelia Knight; 1984-03-07; The Washington Post; pages A1 & A10

Report: "The Avenue to Lorton" - Athelia Knight - Washington Post

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Four months ago, before I ventured down to The Avenue to find out how visitors smuggled contraband into Lorton reformatory, several judges said that drugs were so accessible at Lorton they sometimes thought they should send felons with drug problems elsewhere.  On Feb 22, D.C. Superior Court Judge Henry Greene did precisely that.  Robert S. Carter stood before the judge that day, waiting to be sentenced for selling heroin.  Carter had been a drug user for 10 years and had gotten into trouble several times because of his dependence on narcotics.  

Description:Judges and corrections officials disagree on the severity of the drug problem at Lorton in the conclusion to the prison series.

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Washington Post article titled, "Officials Differ on Depth of Prison Drug Problem." Written by Athelia Knight as the prison series draws to a close.