VII-"To Catch a Predator: A Cyber Twilight Zone in Ft. Myers, Fla." - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

The men we met during the latest 'To Catch a Predator' investigation

"FT. MYERS, FLA.— A 49-year-old man talks to a teenager he's never met before. He probably believes she’s the 15-year-old he’s been chatting online with for the last week and a half. Actress, decoy (hidden camera footage): Hey, I just have to change my shirt real quick, but just come in and watch some TV. I’ll be right there. Michael Wilusz: Okay. What Michael Wilusz doesn’t know is she’s really a 19-year-old actress we hired to be a decoy. He walked into a Dateline hidden camera investigation. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (walking in): Come on in over here. Have a seat there. Wilusz: Oh wow. (laughs, eating cookies). Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: Hungry? How does it taste? Wilusz: Great. Wow, these are home-baked? Hansen: Do you want time to finish your cookie? Wilusz: Not really. Hansen: So you’re good if I ask you a couple of questions? Wilusz: Yeah. It’s the latest in our continuing series of investigations into online sex predators. For the first time we’re in the south: Fort Myers, Florida. Hilton Daniels is Fort Myers chief of police . . ."

Description:Chris Hansen and the "To Catch A Predator" crew are invited to Florida by law enforcement for a hidden camera sting.

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