XIII-"To Catch a Predator: Potential Predators Adapt to Recent Stings" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Part 2 of the Long Beach, Calif. investigation: Presumably to avoid a sting, one potential predator suggests meeting at a park in broad daylight

Byline: Chris Hansen; 2007-02-06; Dateline NBC; 

Report: "To Catch A Predator" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

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"Long Beach, Calif. — 22-year-old Corye Blagg is walking into Dateline’s undercover house in Long Beach, California, a house with 15 hidden cameras. They’re recording every move he makes. Blagg, an ex-Marine, works for a computer company in San Diego, and just drove 100 miles to get here. Why?  Blagg had chatted on line with someone he thinks is a 13-year-old— and he says he wants her to be his girlfriend. Blaggca (chat transcript): All I’m missing is a sweetheart to share my love with. But Blagg is really chatting with a decoy working for Perverted-Justice,an organization that exposes men who sexually target minors on-line.  Perverted-Justice works as a consultant for Dateline—setting up computer profiles, and pretending to be underage teens interested in sex. Remember, he’s 22 years old, and the decoy says she’s a 13-year-old female."

Description:Part two of the Long Beach, CA Dateline "predator" series.

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