XVII-"To Catch a Predator: Expensive home rich with potential predators" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

When 'To Catch a Predator' rented a multi-million dollar home on the Jersey shore, 28 men showed up -- sometimes two at a time.

"OCEAN COUNTY, N.J. — We're in Ocean County, New Jersey for our eleventh internet sex predator investigation. Mike: You're Chris Hansen. Hansen: I am. Here, men will show up after making a date online, apparently hoping for sex with a young teen and knowing exactly what they’ve walked into… Justo Benavides: This is the Dateline thing. ...seem to realize what they are doing is illegal… Hansen: So you know what happens next. Lubrano: Yup (hands behind back)."

Description:Part two of the Ocean County, NJ To Catch a Predator episode.

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