XIX-"To Catch a Predator: Potential predators go south in Kentucky" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Things went south for the parade of men who showed up at the undercover 'Predator' house thinking they would meet a young girl home alone

"Bowling Green, Ky. — We're at it again, catching potential online sex predators in the act of attempting to meet young girls. Elliott: I’ve had that fantasy in the back of my head. Chris Hansen: About being with a young girl? Elliott: A young girl, yes. We're in a new state, in a new part of the country -- southwestern Kentucky. What's not new is the men's reaction to meeting who they think is a young girl. Armstrong: I haven't had a kiss yet. Elliott: Gosh, you're pretty. West: Well, I’m going to give you a hug. McPhetridge: I’d like to hold you. Decoy: And then what? McPhetridge: And kiss you. That's why I was asking you to come up here. We're set up in this six-thousand square foot home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We've outfitted the house with thirteen hidden cameras and seven are outside, capturing a potential predator as he drives into the development, up our street and into our driveway. Then five cameras inside pick up his every move as he walks in the door."

Description:The last episode of To Catch A Predator

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