IV-"Nazi Swastika Burns Like Fiery Cross" - William Mueller and John C. Metcalfe - Chicago Daily Times

More Nazi Secrets by Times Storm Reporters

Byline: William Mueller, John C. Metcalfe, Franklin D. Scott, Marvin McCarthy; 1937-09-13; Chicago Daily Times; pages 1, 3, 11-14, 18-19

Report: Home-Grown Nazis- John C. Metcalfe and James J. Metcalfe - Chicago Daily Times

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". . . 'You've won the most important prize of the entire drawing!' the speaker is an Amerikadeutscher Volksbund storm trooper and he is referring toa copy of Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' (My Battle) which I discover is just as much a 'Bible' to American nazis as it is to Hitler's Schutz Staffel guards in Berlin.  I hold the ticket which wins 'Mein Kampf' in a drawing at the fourth annual German day of Nassau county June 6 at the Brauhof in New Hyde Park, L.I.  The main prize is a round trip to Germany but loyal storm troopers feel it is no more important than a copy of Der Fuchrer's account of his struggle. . ."

Description:The fourth set of reports on the U.S. nazi movement in the lead up to World War II. This set focuses on nazi connections to the Klan.

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Picture of a Klansman accompanying an article titled, "Nazi Swastika Burns Like Fiery Cross."

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Chicago Daily Times article titled, "Nazi Swastika Burns Like Fiery Cross." Written by William Mueller and John C. Metcalfe.