V-"Nazi in U.S. Blast Church" - William Mueller and John C. Metcalfe - Chicago Daily Times

Further Secrets by Times Storm Troopers

Byline: William Mueller, John C. Metcalfe, John Main, Judge John Gutknecht; 1937-09-14; Chicago Daily Times; pages 1, 3, 10-14, 20-21

Report: Home-Grown Nazis- John C. Metcalfe and James J. Metcalfe - Chicago Daily Times

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American nazis, aping the Fuehrer of their homeland, applaud vicious attacts on Chicago's Cardinal Mundelein, the Roman Catholic Church, and all Christian religions which conflict with national socialism.  But the Chicago leader of the Amerikadeutscher Volksbund, buck-toothed Peter Gissibl, a tailer, makes cassocks for priests and is actively soliciting their business.  Early this month, Times reporter James Metcalfe, who became a Deutcher Volksbund storm trooper under the name of Oberwinder, drafted a letter for Gissibl which his business partner said was to go to 250 Catholic priests. 

Description:The Times series of undercover reports from inside the U.S. nazi movement before World War II continues with a look at the Bund's complicated conflicts with Christianity, particularly Catholics.

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Picture of a Swastika accompanying an article titled, "Nazi in U.S. Blast Church."

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Chicago Daily Times article titled, "Nazi in U.S. Blast Church." Written by William Mueller and John C. Metcalfe.