"James O'Keefe and Politifact Discover Occupy Wall Street" - David Weigel - Slate

Byline: David Weigel; 2011-10-12; Slate; 

Report: Young Conservatives Investigate

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"The right's Nellie Bly goes undercover as a banker -- basically, dressing like himself, but with glasses -- and hobnobs at Occupy Wall Street. The resulting video is underwhelming. No one cries out for socialism. A couple of central casting hippies muse about how nice it would be for billionnaires to fund their movement. (This is true!) Also, a woman is cagey about giving O'Keefe a hit off her joint. . ."

Description:Commentary on one of O'Keefe's other videos, where he posed as a Wall Street banker and talked to protesters at Occupy Wall Street

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Video of James O'Keefe posing as a Wall Street banker and talking to protesters at Occupy Wall Street.