IV-"Christmas Means Joyless Tension in Locked Ward" - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

Byline: Frank Sutherland; 1974-01-23; The Nashville Tennessean; pages 1, 4, 6

Report: Central State Psychiatric Hospital Exposé - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

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There was little joy to the world of Central State Psychiatric Hospital Christmas Day.  Tempers got shorter and the patients stopped talking with each other; most of us knew we would not be going home for Christmas. My Christmases have always been joyful celebrations with family and friends.  I never hope to know another time of sadness like Dec. 24-25, 1973.  I posed as a patient at Central State for 31 days, including Christmas, and I watched with interest the real patients around me.  As the day of "joy" approached, I watched their spirits diminish.  This was a time when most of my fellow patients felt their absolute isolation from the real world. About 80% of the patients in my building could not go home for Christmas. Of those who stayed, only a handful had visitors.  This angered me.  "Where in hell are their relatives?" I asked myself. Some members of the staff made attempts to brighten the holidays, but the rejoicing never occured with any intensity.

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Image of the locked ward referenced in Frank Sutherland's article, "Christmas Means Joyless Tension in Locked Ward."

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Nashville Tennessean article titled, "Christmas Means Joyless Tension in Locked Ward." Written by Frank Sutherland in 1974.