II-"The Woman's Invasion" - William Hard; Rheta Childe Dorr -Everybody's Magazine

"Editor's Note - Some of the costs of women's work were shown in the first installment of the series -- the appalling connection between mothers working and babies dying; and how the health of future generations is menaced by home conditions in factory towns. Yet it was demonstrated how millions of women must work in factories, and how their presence there has proved the most potent factor in shortening working hours of men. In this number is presented a remarkable study of the woman worker, who in becoming a soldier of industry, does not become a professional soldier. It will enable you to understand the most objectionable feature of woman in industry -- her irresponsible cheapness."

Description:Part II of yet another series for Everybody's Magazine by William Hard and Rheta Childe Dorr, who went undercover to investigate the lives of women at work in the first decade of the twentieth century.

Rights: Public domain.