I - "Where Can a Girl Alone in New York Find Assistance?" - Emmeline Pendennis - New York Evening World

"Story of a Young Woman's Quest of Shelter and Work on Finding Herself Stranded in the Great Metropolis Without Any Friends; Her Status Akin to an Alien Immigrant Who Should Be Deported -- An Experience at the 'Maggie Lou'- 'Go Home' - Ever the Cry"""

" . . . There are hundreds of young women who come to New York from small country towns and villages with plans for making their living if not their fortunes. They find work as teachers, clerks, stenographers, usually upon slender salaries and all is well so long as wages come in regularly. The difficulty is that most bachelor girls earn so little that they are unable to save anything for the raindy day; and if the weekly stipend is stopped what does a girl do in such a predicament?"


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Part 1 of Emmeline Pendennis's article series "Where Can a Girl Alone in New York Find Assistance?" Written for the New York World in 1905.