II - "Inside the Madhouse" - Nellie Bly - New York World

II - "Nellie Bly's Experience in the Blackwell's Island Asylum; Continuation of the Story of Ten Days with Lunatics; How the City's Unfortunate Wards Are Fed and Treated; The Terrors of Cold Baths and Cruel, Unsympathetic Nurses; Attendants Who Harass and Abuse Patients and Laugh at Their Miseries"

"As the wagon was rapidly driven through the beautiful lawns up to the asylum my feelings of satisfaction at having attained the object of my work were greatly dampened by the look of distress on the faces of my companions."

Description:Part II of Bly's report on her 10 days incarcerated in the women's lunatic asylum on Blackwell's Island.

Rights: Public domain.

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Nellie Bly's article "Inside the Madhouse," written for The New York World in 1887.