"What Becomes of Babies?" - Nellie Bly - New York World

Hundreds and Hundreds of Little Ones Given Away Yearly; Met the Petted Darlings of the Rich, But the Infants Born to Shame; These Are the Ones That Are Given to Alien Hand; Regular Traffic in New-Born Babes; A Money-Making Trade in Humanity 'th

Byline: Nellie Bly; 1887-11-06; New York World; pages 10

Report: Exposing Predators

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"What name awakens such universally tender feelings as that of "baby"? Last week some philanthropist wrote to THE WORLD to suggest that I try to find out what becomes of all the baby waifs in this great city. Not the little ones who are cordially welcomed by proud parents, happy grandparents and a large circle of loving relatives, but the many hundreds of babies whose coming is greeted with grief anf whose unhappy mothers hide their little lives in shame."

Description:Bly poses as a woman in pursuit of a baby to buy in an exposé of the baby-buying trade.

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Nellie Bly's article "What Becomes of Babies?" written for The New York World in 1887.