"Visiting the Dispensaries" - Nellie Bly - New York World

Nellie Bly Narrowly Escapes Having Her Tonsils Amputated; Treated as a Charity Patient in the Throat, Skin and Ear Infirmaries; She Joins the Throngs of Poor Invalids and Finds Out How Free Medical Aid Is Dispensed; One Brusque Old Doctor Probes Her Throat and Nose and Wants to Perform an Operation; A Young Physician Tells Her Never to Wash Her Face With Soap; The Druggists' Big Profits; What She Saw and Heard

Byline: Nellie Bly; 1888-12-02; New York World; pages 9

Report: Nellie Bly and Other Stunt Girls (and Boys) of the Late 1880s-Early 1900s

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Description:Nellie investigates the city's dispensaries for charity patients who are sick.

Rights: public domain

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Nellie Bly's article "Visiting the Dispensaries," written for The New York World in 1888.