II-"Dirty Work" - George Getschow - Wall Street Journal

"Louisiana Labor Camps Supply 'Warm Bodies' The Oil Business Needs; Laborers Often Earn Little Beyond Debt to a Camp; Life at a Halfway House; Some Citizens Defend System""

Byline: George Getschow; 1983-06-23; Wall Street Journal; pages p1

Report: "Dirty Work" - George Getschow - Wall Street Journal

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"Morgan City, La. - In the early 1800s, when labor shortages threatened to stop the expansion of sugar-cane cultivation in this swampy part of southern Louisiana, some European settlers seized the opportunity to strike it rich by selling slaves to the landowners. Soon the slave trade flourished throughout St. Mary's Parish. Traders became wealthy plantation owners, and their descendants are still among the socially prominent here. . . . "

Description:Part Two of George Getschow's "Dirty Work" series for the Wall Street Journal for which he lived and worked among oil industry day laborers. The series was a Pulitzer finalist in 1984.

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