"The Sport of Sheikhs" - Bernard Goldberg - HBO Sports with Bryan Gumbel

Byline: Bernard Goldberg, Bryan Gumbel, Joseph Perskie; 2004-10-19; HBO - Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel; 

Report: Exposing Predators

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Description:Undercover reporting figured in this first sports program ever to win a DuPont-Columbia award (and also an sports Emmy the year before). The field producer, David Higgs, equipped himself with hidden cameras after police and local authorities resisted his efforts to report the story openly. What Higgs was able to document on camera backed up Bernard Goldberg's interview with Ansar Burney, a human rights worker who told him that a UAE ban on the use of jockeys under the age of fifteen or under one hundred pounds remained largely ineffectual. Burney charged that most of the young jockeys had been forced into a form of enslavement to their trainers, having been bought or kidnapped from their homes in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

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