"The Lobby King Arraigned" - Unsigned - New York World

Nellie Bly Repeats in Detail Her Story About Lobbyist Phelps; Step by Step She Shows How She Trapped Him and Exposed Him; Her Appearance Before the House Judiciary Committee Is the Sensation of the Day; The Committee Admits Its Limited Powers, but Interrogates Her Closely as to the Expose in 'The World' and She Answers Clearly and Directly; Phelps Goes on the Stand and Makes a Succession of Denials and Admissions; He Says He Never Mentioned that He Could Buy Any Legislators, and that the Names of the Six Interested Men on the Cities' Committee Were Not Referred to; He Calls Himself a Speculator and a Bill-Gurnisher; How He Explains Things; Lobbyist Wood Is Also Examined, but Denies Everything; The Testimony is Full

Byline: Unsigned; 1888-04-19; New York World; pages 1:1

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"The sensation of the day in Albany was the appearance before the House Judiciary Committee of Miss Nellie Bly, the bright young correspondent of THE WORLD who so neatly entrapped the shrewd old lobbyist, Edward R. Phelps, into betraying the secrets of his profession."


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