"Newsgathering and the First Amendment: Toward a Progressionist Theory of Constitutional Interpretation" - Erik F. Ugland

Byline: Erik F. Ugland; 2003-09-26; Central Michigan University; 

Report: Legal and Scholarly Analysis and Commentary

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". . .During the past three decades, news organizations have sought to broaden the definition of press freedom to include protections for newsgathering. Journalists and their advocates have argued that if they are to serve the highest purposes of their profession, freedom of the press must encompass more than their right to publish what they know; it must also protect their pursuit of the unknown. Media lawyers have thus sought judicial acknowledgement of the right of journalists to attend judicial proceedings; to access government records; to monitor activities in federal prisons; to break promises with their confidential sources without being sued for damages; to be protected against tort claims targeting theirnewsgathering activity; and to be exempt from prosecution for certain crimes committed in their pursuit of news. . ."

Description:Dr. Erik F. Ugland writes in depth on how the First Amendment is closely related with newsgathering.

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