"Doesticks' Assault on Slavery: Style and Technique in the Great Auction Sale of Slaves, at Savannah, Georgia" - Edward J. Piacentino - Phylon

Byline: Edward J. Piacentino; 1987-09-01; Phylon; pages pp. 196-203

Report: Legal and Scholarly Analysis and Commentary

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". . .The author of 'The Great Auction Sale,' Mortimer Thomson, better known by his pseudonym, Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B., a writer who was one of the most popular American humorists of the 1850s, previously had published five books—all with a humorously satiric thrust: 'Doesticks: What He Says,' a burlesque of many facets of New York City life in the 1850s; 'Plu-ri-bus-tah, A Song That's By-No-Author,' a poetic burlesque social history of the United States parodying the trochaic metrics of Longfellow's 'Hiawatha'. . ."

Description:Edward J. Piacentino explores the life of Mortimer Thomson.

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Edward J. Piacentino explores the life of Mortimer Thomson.