"Women in Journalism" - Carolyn Kitch - From "American Journalism: History, Principles, Practices"

Byline: Carolyn Kitch; 2002-01-01; 

Report: Legal and Scholarly Analysis and Commentary


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". . .At the same time women were writing about domestic matters, newspapers began to employ them to create another kind of journalism: tales of social abuse and crime that boosted newspaper circulations in the era of Hearst and Pulitzer. Pulitzer's 'New York World,' the paper that employed 'Jennie June' to write its women's page, also hired 'Nellie Bly.' Bly, whose real name was Elizabeth Cochrane, became the first internationally-famous female journalist with her round-the-world race in 1980, beating a female reporter from a rival Hearst paper. . ."

Description:Chapter nine from "American Journalism: History, Principles, Practices" Carolyn Kitch focuses on women and their success in journalism.

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