"Nellie Bly on the Wing" - Nellie Bly - New York World

Some Things She Saw, Heard and Experienced While Traveling; Saidee Polk Fall's Happy Life at the Famous Polk Homestead-A Bit of Amele Riven's Early History-Peet Riley's Wisdom-Experience with a Southern Quarantine Officer-An Indignant Traveller.

Byline: Nellie Bly; 1888-11-04; New York World; pages 9:3

Report: Nellie Bly and Other Stunt Girls (and Boys) of the Late 1880s-Early 1900s


"Miss Saidee Polk Fall is the belle of Nashville, Tennessee. Her mother was adopted and educated by Mrs. James Knox Polk, whose niece she is. After the death of President Polk Mrs. Fall, then a little black-eyed girl, was the only companion the sorrowing widow had to share her lonely home. . ."

Description:Nellie Bly overheard many interesting things while traveling.

Rights: Public domain.

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Nellie Bly overheard many interesting things while traveling.