III-"Working in the Wet" - Eva Gay - St. Paul Globe

Eva Gay's Glance at the Girls Who Work in the Laundries; Some of the Work is Terrible and the Pay is Generally Low; Girls Acknowledge the Work is Surely Breaking Their Health; More of the Crusade, with Some of the Natural Consequences

Byline: Eva Gay; 1888-04-15; St. Paul Globe; 

Report: Eva Gay aka Eva McDonald aka Eva Valesh

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". . . last week I visited one of the largest branches of industry in the city -- the laundries. Their number is legion, grading up from the shanty owned and run by a single 'heathen Chinee' to the large brick blocks equipped with improved machinery and employing many operatives."During my travels, I have explored nearly every establishment in the city, and find a certain class of evils exist even among the best . . . "


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