"Nellie Bly at West Point" - Nellie Bly - New York World

She Inspects the Tightly Laced Young Cadets at Their Military Maneuvers

Byline: Nellie Bly; 1889-06-09; New York World; pages 14

Report: Nellie Bly and Other Stunt Girls (and Boys) of the Late 1880s-Early 1900s

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"Ah! It's very nice to be a cadet, but it's much nicer to be a cadet's 'cousin.' The West Point cadets and their 'cousins,' with an occasional sprinkling of sisters and mothers had a lovely time last week. I was at the West Point Hotel for a day or so enjoying the closing exercises of our historic military school and the way happiness was booming was enough to coax the sugar-water out of the maple trees that it might mingle with the sweetness which prevailed everywhere. . ."

Description:Nellie Bly goes to West Point to "blend" in.

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Nellie Bly goes to West Point to "blend" in.