II-"Modern Times" - Jan Wong - Toronto Globe and Mail

The Rules: No Radio. No Eating. No Talking. No Laughing. And Never Use a Clients Washroom

Byline: Jan Wong; 2006-04-08; Toronto Globe and Mail; 

Report: "Maid for a Month" - Jan Wong - Toronto Globe and Mail


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". . .Cigarettes cost $7.50 a pack. Budgeting is a skill I absorbed from my educated, successful parents. So I figure $9 an hour equals a gross monthly income of $1,368 in February. After $750 rent for my basement apartment, I'm left with $7.36 per person a day for myself, Ben and Sam. (For now, I'm assuming I would get a low-income tax refund and I'm not factoring in federal child subsidies, which I'll discuss next week.) Pat, I'll later find out, never got to learn such skills. Her mom had six kids with three different husbands, and now lives on welfare. . ."

Description:Second part of Jan Wong's series as an undercover maid in Canada.

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