III-"Cinder Sam and Benderella" - Jan Wong - Toronto Globe and Mail

$1 Specials: Hot Dogs, Buns, Spaghetti Sauce, Peanut Butter, Frozen French Fries

Byline: Jan Wong; 2006-04-15; Toronto Globe and Mail; 

Report: "Maid for a Month" - Jan Wong - Toronto Globe and Mail


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". . .I worry that the boys and I won't make it through the month. Strange as it sounds, at first I don't know what I'm actually earning at the company I call Maid-It-Up Maids. I keep crunching the numbers. Now, it seems after paying rent, I'll net $8.75 per person per day. If this were real life, I'd get a monthly federal Child Tax Benefit of $204.67 and a National Child Benefit Supplement of $268.66. Our daily per-capita budget would swell to $14.38 a day — but we'd still be $7,631.08 below Statistics Canada's 'low-income cutoff line' . . ."

Description:Third part of Jan Wong's series as an undercover maid in Canada.

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