"Obama: No Surprise That Hard-Pressed Pennsylvanians Turn Bitter" - Mayhill Fowler - Off the Bus on the Huffington Post

Byline: Mayhill Fowler; 2008-04-11; Off the Bus on the Huffington Post; 

Report: Undercover in U.S. Political Campaigns

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". . .It's curious, then, that he often has such a hard time making a connection with many working class Americans. With plenty of time for people to get to know him, like in southern Illinois before his first state legislature race and in Iowa before the caucuses, Obama has forged that connection. People get comfortable with the way his mind works. Obama is the man with the big picture; he jumps quickly from the particular to the general and back again, for he makes sense of the world in a synchronic rather than a linear way. For all his soaring rhetoric, there is a dispassion about him. And yet he blends rationcinative intelligence with empathetic understanding. This is a rare combination, and for many people, this aspect of Obama takes some getting used to. His Puritanical streak, moreover, while amusing to the press can be off-putting to everybody else. . ."

Description:Blogger for Off the Bus, Mayhill Fowler, records Barack Obama's fundraiser speech on April 6th.

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