"A Desire to End These Things" - Ronald E. Ostman and Berkley Hudson - Visual Communication Quarterly

An Analytical History of John L. Spivak's Photographic Portrayal of 1930s Georgia Chain Gangs

Byline: Ronald E. Ostman, Berkley Hudson; 2009-10-01; Visual Communication Quarterly; pages pp. 191-209

Report: Legal and Scholarly Analysis and Commentary


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"As investigative journalist and photographer John L. Spivak rode in a taxi from the train station for his first visit to a Georgia convict camp, he could see a prisoner undergo torture. . .With a Kodak dangling from a strap around his neck and with pockets 'filled with roles of film,' Spivak exited the taxi. Straightaway, he took pictures without permission. Then, a guard pointed a shotgun at Spivak. After an angry exchange, Spivak handed him an introductory letter from Gerogia's prison commissioner. . ."


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An analytical history of John L. Spivak's photographic portrayal of 1930's Georgia chain gangs