"Vanish: Finding Evan Ratliff" - Nicholas Thompson - Wired

Stories from the Hunt

Byline: Nicholas Thompson, Mike Selinker, Sarah Manello, Scott Deloach, Clark Hodges, Colin Ake, Matthew Gilreath, Rich Reder, Sharon Sergeant, Lindsey Wilson, Quin Shirk-Luckett, Likita Ambrose; 2009-11-20; Wired; 

Report: Vanishing in the Digital Age: Finding Evan Ratliff - Wired

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From Mike Selinker's entry: "After breaking Evan’s FastTrak, Nick and I theorized that Evan would dump his car. To get the license plate out there, “Evan’s friend” (me) gave Teeuwynn (@Evansvanished) the first four characters: 4MUN. A search of License Place Genie would reveal under California plate 4MUN509 the confirmatory message (written by me, under the name “Ratty”): “Blue Devils Ultimate 4ever!”—a reference to Evan’s Duke University background and his love of ultimate frisbee."

Description:From Wired's editors: "After Evan Ratliff was captured, Wired asked the most active hunters to send in their stories. Why were they drawn to the hunt, what did they do, and what did they learn? Here are the answers."

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