"Bedlam 1946" - Albert Q. Maisel - Life Magazine

Most of U.S. Mental Hospitals Are a Shame and Disgrace

Byline: Albert Q. Maisel; 1946-05-06; Life Magazine; 

Report: Hospitals and Clinics Undercover

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" . . . Thousands spend their days-often for weeks at a stretch-locked in devices euphemistically called 'restraints' : thick leather handcuffs, great canvas camisoles, 'muffs,' 'mitts,' wristlets, locks and straps and restraining sheets. Hundreds are confined in 'lodges' - bare, bed-less rooms reeking with filth and feces - by day lit only through half-inch holes in steel-plated windows, by night merely black tombs in which the cries of the insane echo unheard from the peeling plaster of the walls. . ."


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