"Antigay Lutheran Pastor Protests Too Much" - John Townsend - Lavendar Magazine

Reverend Tom Brock's 'Courage' Falters When Faced with Exposure

Byline: John Townsend; 2010-06-18; Lavendar Magazine; 

Report: Lapses

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"As cantankerous and varied as GLBT activism is, virtually everyone holds privacy sacred. The exception is if someone in a public position of political, social, or theological influence engages in homosexual or transgender activity while at the same time denouncing the basic civil rights of GLBT citizens. Former Senator Larry Craig’s restroom cruising and Dr. George Rekers’s Rentboy.com allegations come to mind. "The GLBT community and its allies have a wide variety of principled viewpoints, often conflicting, on just how out a GLBT person should or should not be, as well as what constitutes healthy sexuality or sexual excess. Both sides of these big philosophical questions are discussed and argued conscientiously every day. "However, it’s a universal consensus among GLBT individuals and straight allies that to bash GLBT persons physically and/or sociopolitically—but then turn around, and be homosexually active oneself—is hypocrisy. . . . "

Description:A gay-interest magazine in Minneapolis outs a Lutheran minister. Other Minneapolis journalists took issue with the action. (See Minneapolis Star-Tribune piece criticizing this as a misuse of the undercover method.

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