"The Gary Hart Story - How It Happened" - Jim McGee, Tom Fiedler, James Savage - Miami Herald

        "The voice on the other end of the telephone was strained with a nervous jocularity.         “You know, you said in the paper that there were rumors that Gary Hart is a womanizer, ” he woman told Miami Herald Political Editor Tom Fiedler.          “'Those aren't rumors. How much do you guys pay for pictures?'          "Gary Hart, 50, announced his quest for the presidency April 13 at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with a promise as lofty as the backdrop: 'All of us must try to hold ourselves to the very highest standards of integrity and ethics, and soundness of judgment... '          "He began as the front-runner with everything in his favor. Polls showed him not only winning the Democratic nomination, but handily beating George Bush -- the GOP’s early favorite -- in a theoretical matchup.         "The former Colorado senator surrounded himself with the brightest minds in politics. He showed a new surefootedness, the product of having run the course once before, in 1984. The gold ring seemed within reach.        "And the voice on the telephone was offering evidence to The Herald that could undo it all.        "The call was the beginning of one of the fastest, most shocking unravelings of a presidential campaign in American history. The saga has elements of a prime-time soap opera: the Marlboro-man handsome candidate, the long-suffering wife, the lust for power, the blond poster model from Miami Vice, the overnight trip to Bimini --capped by a weekend in Washington. . . . "

Description:A recap of how the Miami Herald captured evidence of Gary Hart's extramarital dalliance during his campaign for the Democratic nomination for U.S. President.

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