"Rivera Sees Bad News From ABC Penalty Pioneering Reporter, TV Execs Call Food Lion Case Rotten for Journalism" - Richard Huff - Daily News

Byline: Richard Huff; 1997-01-24; New York Daily News; 

Report: "Exposé of Willowbrook State School" - Geraldo Rivera - WABC-TV

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". . .In 1972, to produce his landmark investigative reports, which aired on WABC/Ch. 7, Rivera and his crew slipped into the Staten Island hospital using a stolen key. The end result, of course, was a dramatic story on the horrible living conditions of Willowbrook's inhabitants. This week, ABC News was hit with the multi-million-dollar fine for punitive damages for using tactics not dissimilar to Rivera's though no break-in was involved. . ."

Description:Undercover reporter, Geraldo Rivera, received praise in 1972 for exposing the conditions at the Willowbrook State School. But 20 years later, he may not have gotten the same response. Rivera responds to the Food Lion case.

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