"Practicing Deception in the Pursuit of Truth" - Marvin Kalb - The Washington Post

Byline: Marvin Kalb; 1997-03-24; The Washington Post; pages A19

Report: Undercover Journalism Debated

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"Should journalists lie, as they pursue the noble goal of informing the public? Put more charitably, if the word "lying" is too harsh, should journalists masquerade as meat packers in a supermarket to get a story, engage in a bit of clever misrepresentation and bluffing to trick a source, use "lipstick" cameras hidden in wigs and tiny microphones pinned to brassieres to succeed in undercover reporting, produce (in the words of one NPR reporters) "cockamamie cover stories" to protect an exclusive? In other words, in an industry theoretically still devoted to truth-telling, can deception, in whatever guise, be regarded as an acceptable way of getting the news? . . ."


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Document titled: Practicing Deception In the Pursuit of Truth