"The Beltway Press Needs a Good PR Firm" - Ken Silverstein - Harper's

Byline: Ken Silverstein; 2007-07-02; Harper's; 

Report: "Their Men in Washington" - Ken Silverstein - Harper's

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". . .The response—in the form of blog posts, emails, and interview requests—was overwhelming, and almost entirely positive. A lot of people, it seems, just don’t approve of lobby shops that do image-enhancement work for dictators. But for some in the media—and especially beltway reporters—my piece prompted a moral crisis. They just couldn’t figure out whether it was worse for me to trick the lobbyists than for the lobbyists to have proposed a whitewash campaign for the Turkmen regime. . ."

Description:Ken Silverstein discusses the mixed reviews he's received for his op-ed "Their Men in Washington" in the July issue of Harper's.

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