"Nightmare Without End" - Mary A. Fischer - GQ

Manic, bankrupt and naive, U.S. TV news producer Stephen Roye went to Thailand in pursuit of a story that he hoped would restore his career. Instead he wound up in an overcrowded, squalid Bangkok prison, where his Hollywood connections carry neight clout nor hope.

Byline: Mary A. Fischer; 2007-10-07; 

Report: Lapses

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". . .That Stephen Roye knowingly carried drugs is inarguable. That he was guilty of naivete and bad judgement is also beyond doubt. But his story, like that of a spellbinding novel, is more complicated, his motivations more complex than a single grave and foolish act might suggest. What led Roye to Bangkok illustrates an especially American kind of arrogance about the world and oneself, an arrogance that frequently leads to tragedy. The realities of being stranded and in mortal trouble in a foreign country, particularly a county in Southeast Asia, remind us once again that when you travel halfway around the world, you don't take the protections of the United States Constitution. . ."

Description:American journalist, Stephen Roye was at a rough time in his career. To try and turn things around, he went to Thailand to write a life changing story. To Roye's surprise, he finds himself in a Bangkok jail.

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