"Cryptic Message Triggers Fears Over Fate of Chinese Reporter's Investigative Team" - Jonathan Watts - The Guardian (UK)

Journalist Wang Keqin Causes Alarm with Blogpost Amid Claims Officials are Targeting his China Economic Times Newspaper

Byline: Jonathan Watts; 2011-07-18; The Guardian; 

Report: Undercover Journalism Debated

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". . .Wang Keqin, a pioneer of in-depth and undercover reporting over the past decade, caused alarm with a cryptic message on his Sina Weibo microblog about taboos and silencing speech. "Where political power burns books, it will also ultimately burn people also," he wrote.Associates said senior officials were targeting his newspaper – China Economic Times – and its investigative news department was being broken up. . ."

Description:Influential Chinese investigative journalist, Wang Keqin, is receiving terrifying backlash regarding his undercover reporting of senior Communist party officials.

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