"Introduction: Battle for the Elephants" - J.J. Kelley - A Voice for Elephants

Byline: J.J. Kelley; 2013-02-06; National Geographic; 

Report: The Ivory Trade

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". . .As a producer on the upcoming PBS Special, Battle for the Elephants, I was part of an international team that went undercover to investigate the illegal ivory trade. Our team knew early on that we had to take a holistic approach to documenting this story. The ivory trade—and it’s devastating impact on elephant populations—doesn’t just come down to “evil” poachers in Africa killing elephants without regard, nor is it merely a lust for ivory in Asia. . ."

Description:Producer J.J. Kelley introduces a webseries, giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the special 'Battle for the Elephants,' exposing the brutal slaughter of elephants for the ivory trade.

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