"Councillors for Hire Who Give Firms Planning Advice" - Holly Watt, Claire Newell and Ben Bryant - The Telegraph

Telegraph investigation: Councillors across England are offering themselves for hire to property developers who are hoping to take advantage of relaxed planning laws which come into effect within weeks.

Byline: Holly Watt, Claire Newell, Ben Bryant; 2013-03-10; The Telegraph; 

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". . .Despite apparently creating the potential for a conflict of interest, it is not illegal for councillors to work as paid consultants. Councils are expected to face an increase in applications for building when new planning laws take effect at the end of this month. . ."

Description:A Daily Telegraph investigation revealed that Councillors across England are taking advantage of their positions by being hired by property developers who wish bypass building laws. The property developers are willing to pay the councillors any amount of money for their projects to be approved, and the councillors are accepting with open arms.

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