"Panorama: North Korea Undercover – TV review" – Sam Wollaston - The Guardian (UK)

How much does BBC reporter John Sweeney discover from inside the secretive state that isn't already known?

Byline: Sam Wollaston; 2013-04-15; The Guardian; 

Report: Lapses Undercover in North Korea

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"'Journalists are all but banned from North Korea, so I'm going in undercover," says John Sweeney. I think he quite likes saying that. He is of course with a group of LSE students on a study trip, pretending to be a history teacher. He looks the part too. Don't forget they don't really have the internet in North Korea, so they won't have seen his famous Scientology rant on YouTube."

Description:The Guardian's TV reviewer Sam Wollaston discusses the broadcast of Panorama's North Korea undercover story, a story that has caused an uproar for allegedly endangering students.

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