"When a Reporter Is An Uninvited Guest" - Margaret Sullivan - New York Times

Byline: Margaret Sullivan; 2013-04-26; The New York Times; 

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 "...  I would see the case far differently if a Times reporter had been eavesdropping on a private citizens for a salacious story or had illegally broken into a private home. That would be unacceptable -- but it wasn't what happened."  "My conclusion: Given the buttoned-down, scrubbed-up way politicians present themselves, it's challenging for reporters to get under the surface. And it's important for citizens that they do.   "What Mr. Lipton [the reporter, Eric Lipton] did should not become an everyday practice. But -- seen in this wider context -- it's not nly pretty small stuff, but also reflects some journalistic initiative that serves Times readers well."    

Description:The New York Times Public Editor examines in a "minor case study" Eric Lipton's surreptitious entry to a private gathering of Washington lobbyists and the complaint that ensued.

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