"A Mental Ward Exposed" - Charlie Lord - National Public Radio

Rather than fight in World War II, conscientious objector and Quaker Charlie Lord was sent by the government to work at a mental institution called Philadelphia State Hospital. He secretly took photographs to expose the horrors of the institution. These are his photos.

Byline: Charlie Lord; 2009-12-30; National Public Radio; 

Report: Other People's Work: Factories

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"Byberry's A building was nicknamed the 'incontinent ward.' It was a large, open room with a concrete floor. There were no chairs, no activities, no therapy, not even a radio to listen to. Hundreds of men - most of them naked - walked aimlessly or huddled against the filthy walls. 'It was terrible,' Lord recalls. 'The smell was just awful; the men went anywhere, wherever they were ... on the floor kitchen, dining room, everywhere.'"


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