"WUSA9 undercover, overnight taxi sting nets ten times more violations than reported, on average, by District inspectors" - Russ Ptacek and Nadia Pflaum - WUSA 9

Byline: Russ Ptacek, Nadia Pflaum; 2013-08-05; WUSA 9; 

Report: Watchdogs in the Public Interest

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". . . Unlike DCTC inspectors, WUSA9 tested undercover and began at midnight when normal inspector shifts end, leaving taxis unsupervised for eight hours.'Your statistical analysis is not sufficient,' said Ron Linton, Chairman of the DC Taxi Commission, after watching the results of that taxi sting. 'You don't know what percentage you found.' . . ."

Description:WUSA 9 investigates an undercover taxi sting to reveal that it involved ten times more violations than the DC Taxi Commission had reported.

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