"The brothel worker: 'I regret not working in the sex trade as soon as I got here'" - Hsiao-Hung Pai - The Guardian

Posing as a maid, Hsiao-Hung Pai infiltrated the murky world of the UK sex trade and spoke to some of the migrant mothers desperately working to send money home to their families

Byline: Hsiao-Hung Pai; 2013-04-14; The Guardian; 

Report: Exposing Predators

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". . .I detected Grace's disappointment when I said I was just a maid who offered no other services. Mia urged me to "try it out". Many housekeepers end up doing zhuangzhong, she said. 'All you need is a makeover.' She studied me with a professional air. 'You've still got the face for the job. You need to do it when you don't look like an old lady yet.' . . ."

Description:Journalist, Hsiao-Hung Pai began working at a brothel in London as a maid and reported her experiences there.

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