"My 2 Days Working Undercover at Moscow's Sadovod Market"

Byline: Eradzh Nidoev; 2013-11-07; The Moscow Times; 

Report: Other People's Work

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"Fruz and I started talking about what kind of job I could fill at the market. I had three options: to become a sweeper, a porter or a vendor.  "To work as a sweeper is the easiest job. You collect a daily salary of 400 rubles ($12) for pubshing a broom along one of the market's many rows.   "The job of porter is much harder. First, you have to pay 1,700 rubles ($52) for a black-and-orange uniform and a birka, a card that shows you have the right to work at the market. Then you have to buy a cart and pay a daily fee of 400 rubles to use it at the market. . .    "Vendors are at the top of the market's hierarchy. They just sit in the shops and sell goods. . . . " 

Description:Reporter works two days posing as an unemployed Tajik migrant explores life as a guest worker in Moscow.

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