"Inside Cambodia's Hidden Child Brothels" - CNN - Mira Sorvino

Byline: Mira Sorvino; 2013-12-11; CNN; 

Report: Exposing Predators

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" . . . On the fifth floor we are immediately led to a giant windowed 'fishbowl' where at least 20 girls sit on bleacher[s] to be observed and picked. Scott walks in front of the pane; they respond to his macho energy, rising and preening.  "I have my iPhone in hand and itching to take a picture when suddenly things go horribly sideways. A white-clad girl in the bowl suddenly jumps up and starts screaming, 'She take a picture!!' She runs into the lobby and a grim-faced Mama-san bustles up to us. The girl crowds us and accuses me; more people start to gather. My friends advise me to erase the picture - but I haven't taken any! I try and stand my ground and keep saying, 'I didn't take a picture.' But I am becoming very nervous and the situation is getting ugly. . . . " 

Description:"Mira Sorvino takesa a behind the scenes look at Cambodia's child sex trade: Karoke bars are often fronts for prostitution in Phnom Penh, the country's capital; When a club hostress is asked to bring in younger girls, she obliges; Girls are shown messages from others who escaped life from these covert brothels."

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